Sunday, February 15, 2009

Moon in the Gutter Wallpapers: Enzo G. Castellari's Great White (The Last Shark)


  1. Hey Jeremy--longtime reader of MitG and Harry Moseby. Really good stuff (can't say I see THE SPIRIT the same way you do, but hey...). Often thought about posting a comment, but never did until now thanks to that shot of Vic Morrow and the wallpaper with the roaring shark!! YES!!! Will this be one of the MIA on Region 1 titles you discuss? I had to be 9 when this came out in the US and my dad and I actually saw GREAT WHITE at the theater. I've got a copy of it and it never ceases to amaze. How "Hollywood Big Time" didn't top the charts in the spring of '82, I'll never know.


  2. Hi.

    I am not 100% but I think this shark shows up again in Cruel Jaws aka Jaws 5.

  3. Thanks Tinta for the great comments. Sorry it took me a bit to respond. It's been great hearing from other fans of this film. Thanks also for the nice words regarding my blogs. I hope you keep enjoying them. Thanks again...

    I have wondered that too...I have no idea but I think it's a pretty good bet. Thanks!