Friday, June 19, 2009

Moon in the Gutter Wallpapers: Elvis Presley and Tuesday Weld in Wild in the Country


  1. Can I just say well done with this blog? A tremendous effort right across the board.

    How do you do it? Passion, I guess.

    'Wild in the Country' is my favourite Elvis pic, for a variety of reasons.

    I have it on tape, but despite the availability of most of his other films, I have not been able to get this one on DVD.

    Has it been released in the US, or it it one of your MIA titles?

  2. Hey thanks so much...I really appreciate your nice words. Wild in the Country is wonderful and is absolutely one of Elvis' great films. It is available on Region 1 DVD and I believe it is still in print. No extras except for the trailer but the widescreen print is lovely. Thanks again...